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John Mendicino

Educational Advocate

Masters in Counseling and Educational Psychology, B.S in Psychology

John has a B.S. in Psychology and an M.Ed in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He’s been serving underprivileged youth for over twenty years as an elementary school counselor, Mentor Coordinator for Special Programs at Big Brothers Big Sisters Northern Nevada, and as an Educational Advocate for Boosted Diplomas. His service is characterized by kindness and optimism. He holds a deep-seated belief that there is value and import in providing support to young people as they strive toward reaching their full potential. John helps students navigate the myriad educational challenges they face on the journey to realize their goals and greatest aspirations.

John is a musician playing folk-rock to punk with local bands in Reno, he is an avid cat lover, spends as much time as possible camping and hiking, loves cooking, and finds himself to be rather funny.