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Alyssa D'Anduono

Math & Science Tutor

Subject Coverage Includes:

Elementary math, science, precalculus, algebra, pre-algebra, high-school chemistry, organizational/productivity skills, elementary ELA skills

Alyssa is a motivated student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience at the University of Nevada, Reno. She grew up in Las Vegas where she studied at UNLV for a couple of years before joining the Wolfpack. Alyssa trained as a classical double bassist for over 10 years, which allowed her to gain professional experience as well as an enriching skill. She also enjoys practicing art, playing games, and cooking. Alyssa has found a passion for the sciences and plans to pursue a medical degree and positively influence society through the form of healthcare.

Alyssa recognizes the importance of work ethic and discipline in the process of reaching success. She has lots of experience with failure and success and finds it extremely fulfilling to mentor young students and give them the advice that she looked for as a child. One of the most exciting parts of tutoring for Alyssa is developing a connection with students and seeing them improve.