Cutout Square

Sofia Sanchez

Spanish & English Tutor

Subject Coverage Includes:

English/Writing, General Elementary Support, Spanish, Elementary Reading

Sofia Sanchez is a 21 year old student & lover of art, yoga, nature, cooking, music, and meeting new people. She is currently double-majoring in Spanish and Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, as she is planning on pursuing a career as a bilingual children, family, and trauma psychologist. Sofia currently tutors for General Elementary support, English and Creative Writing, and Spanish. While tutoring, Sofia believes in employing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning strategies to help students of all learning styles flourish.

In her free time, Sofia enjoys going on long hikes and outdoor adventures in Tahoe, playing guitar, reading books, and participating in different mental health advocacy clubs on UNR's campus. If Sofia could have any superpower, she would be a shapeshifter so that she could experience the world from the perspectives of plants, animals, and sea creatures to acquire a more holistic understanding of the world.