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Cooper Richardson

Vice President, Co-Founder

Cooper Richardson is a passionate advocate for education and travel, with a deep commitment to empowering at-risk youth. From a young age, Cooper recognized the transformative power of education and the invaluable experiences gained through travel. Thanks to the encouragement of educationally supportive parents, he had the opportunity to explore these passions extensively.

During Cooper's undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada Reno, pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Spanish and Mathematics, a pivotal moment arose. He made the bold decision to take a year off to backpack through South America, immersing himself in diverse cultures and perfecting his Spanish language skills. This transformative journey ignited a newfound appreciation for the potential of education and travel to shape individuals' lives.

Upon returning, driven by this experience, Cooper and his business partner, Taylor Gurnea ran and operated a for-profit tutoring company called Boosted Learning. Operating in the Reno/Sparks area, Boosted Learning aimed to support local clients in their academic pursuits. As their business grew and his own studies continued, he recognized a disheartening reality—the students who needed educational support the most often lacked the means to access it.

Motivated by a desire to bridge this gap, Cooper and Taylor embarked on a mission to establish a non-profit organization dedicated to educationally supporting at-risk youth. In 2018, after graduating with his degrees and balancing a full-time job at a tech company, running Boosted Learning, and volunteering his time to build and run a non-profit, Cooper at last co-founded the non-profit Boosted Diplomas in 2019. 

After two years of volunteering his time to Boosted Diplomas to run its programs and expand its services, Cooper at last left his full time job to devote all of his working time to Boosted Diplomas. Today, as the Executive Director of Boosted Diplomas, Cooper leads the organization with unwavering dedication. Simultaneously, he continues to manage Boosted Learning, ensuring that the for-profit enterprise actively supports Boosted Diplomas' programming. Cooper embraces his role as an advocate for educationally at-risk youth, working tirelessly to provide free tutoring, educational advocacy, and college and career coaching to those in need within the community.

Cooper takes immense pride in the impact Boosted Diplomas has had on the community, recognizing the countless lives it has touched. With a profound understanding of the transformative power of education, he remains resolute in his commitment to equipping the next generation with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive, just as he was fortunate enough to have during his youth.

Through his exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication, Cooper Richardson continues to shape a brighter future for at-risk youth, leaving an indelible mark on the community and beyond.

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