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Our Programs

As Boosted Diplomas continues to grow and provide support for varying educationally at-risk populations, new programs are created and tailored to maximize the efficiency of support provided. Please take a moment to review each program that we provide our students! 

On Track

On Track, Boosted Diplomas' latest program works with students at a granular level to ensure that they receive the educational support they need to stay On Track in high school. Each student is paired with a tutor and a peer navigator who work to remove any educational obstacles and provide positive reinforcement to succeed.

Boosted Diplomas Tutoring

For students of any age who simply need a bit of extra support in school, Boosted Diplomas is here to provide a private 1-on-1 tutor to meet week after week throughout the school year to help keep confidence levels high, and ensure that their students have a firm grasp on the material at-hand.

Achievements Unlocked

Boosted Diplomas' Achievements Unlocked Program works hand in hand with the Washoe County Human Services Agency to provide tutoring, educational advocacy, and college and career advocacy services for foster high school students in Washoe County.

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