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Washoe County Social Workers and board members work to identify academically at-risk students under their supervision and in the community, and refer them to our program. Our program admin and board review the case file for each student and meets with them individually to assess their desire to improve their academic performance. 

Foster and Educationally at-Risk Students


Paired with an 

Educational advocate

Once admitted to the program, each student is matched with one of our Educational Advocates who will follow the student until their high school graduation. These advocates ensure students are in the right classes, keeping up with school, and excelling in all of their endeavors.

And an experienced tutor

To ensure they're on track to graduate


Additionally, our students are paired with our specialized and experienced tutors. Tutors meet with students as often as needed to ensure their success and understanding in their classes.

Together, our team ensures that our students excel in school, and are properly prepared for post-high school; from entering the work world, vocational training or college.

What We do

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