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Cutout Square

Cooper Richardson

Program Director

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Business Owner, Travel Enthusiast

Since first learning of what it meant to travel at the age of 12, Cooper was captivated by the idea of getting out and experiencing the world from other perspectives. Mid-way through his Mechanical Engineering undergrad career at the University of Nevada, he left Reno to do just that. After improving his Spanish while traveling abroad for nearly a year throughout South America, Cooper returned with a newfound appreciation of the endless possibilities that education could supply.

Educational advocacy became one of his main passions, which in 2015, helped lead to the growth of his co-owned private tutoring company, Boosted Learning. In 2018, Cooper graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Spanish Language Arts from the University of Nevada. As the years passed, Cooper's involvement in the community continued to grow; co-founding Boosted Diplomas in 2019, aiming to guide and mentor foster youth of the Reno area.

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